The Sketchbook Project 2011 - Almost done!

Four of my favorite sketchbook pages from The Sketchbook Project 2011
It's almost time for The Sketchbook Project to be mailed off and begin it's tour around the country! Due to inclement weather nation-wide, the postmark deadline has been pushed back to January 18th, which gives me the entire 3-day weekend to finish up and get everything in order!

I have had my sketchbook for a very VERY long time, but didn't like the paper, so I hesitated to start. Then I saw that a lot of people were re-binding their books with different paper, so I decided I would do that myself. However, I procrastinated. I finally got it bound with paper I liked better.

I have been a sketchbooking maniac for the last two weeks! In a way, I think it's good to take a few days and that's all you do is takes time for me to find my "groove", but I definitely think I found it with this sketchbook. I think that these are some of the best things I've ever captured in a sketchbook.

It really makes me think that I need to draw more regularly. Even though, because of The Doodle Swap Project, I draw a lot more than I ever have. I can see improvements in my ability to observe something and draw it more accurately and my ability to  adapt what I observe to a certain style that I want to draw.

When I am finished, I will scan each page and take some photographs and share them here for all of you who will not be seeing the tour.

For tour dates/locations and more information, see The Sketchbook Project 2011's website at



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your sketches are so pretty :)

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