A New Year and a New Creative You - Give Away!

Welcome to 2011. As a way to start this new year off with creative haste, I have found a lovely book to share with one lucky winner! Kaleidoscope: Ideas and Projects to Spark Your Creativity by Suzanne Simanaitis is a great book to get your creative energy in high gear this year.

Check out Kaleidoscope on Amazon and you can see a preview of the book on Google Books as well.

How do you win?
There are four ways to enter to win!
1. Leave a comment here and tell me what you plan to do to make 2011 the most creative year ever.
2. "Like" my brand new Facebook page!
3. "Follow" my blog and leave another comment on this post that just says "follow".
4. "Tweet" this give away and leave another comment on this post that says "tweet".

Enter by January 23rd at midnight.

Winner will be selected and notified January 24th! Please make sure that I will have a way to contact you.

Good Luck! :)



Kim said...

For my most creative year yet, I plan to have "less talk, more rock"! I'm going to stop talking about being creative, and start BEING CREATIVE!

A good pal and I are planning on instituting regular "goal-setting" meetings, so that we can plan, track and meet our goals while supporting each other.

Mary said...

@Kim - that is a great idea...goal setting meetings. I wish my creative buddies lived closer because that would be a great idea...once a month have a lunch "meeting" to help each other track goals and help each other past hurdles.

Great idea!

David Veal said...

For the year of 2011 I have added participation in an online entertainment radio show, it's fun and it keeps me up on the current movies, CD's and some cable shows. I'm also adding more of my pure draws to my designs. I used to do that all the time, then tightened up. Just letting go of some restrictive design process habits will up the creativity this year. Oh ya, and more sleep (the fountain of the creative mind).

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Stop Snoring Hub said...

For my most inventive year yet, I intend to have "less talk, more shake"! I'm going to quit looking at being inventive, and begin BEING CREATIVE!

A decent buddy and I are anticipating organizing customary "objective setting" gatherings, with the goal that we can plan, track and meet our objectives while supporting one another.