Who need Vampires when you Got Zombies?

Now that the big Vampire kick is evening out, Zombies are everywhere! Why are they so much fun to draw? In our Monday afternoon staff meeting, I drew the two lovely zombies below while we talked about whatever it is we talk about in staff meetings. It's pretty much expected that me and the other designers sit around and draw while we listen to other's reports. It's like High School History class all over again. Except in High School history, I had to prove to the teacher that I was actually paying attention...he left me alone after I got 100% on the first test.

I also found this AWESOME zombie lego minifigure. I want him...he is on my Xmas wishlist!

And check out the new AMC series The Walking Dead - it comes on Sunday nights at 9pm CST. It's based on the graphic novel series with the same title. I've never read the graphic novels, but my friends who have said it follows them very well. It's a really interesting show so far. It's amazing how even though they are killing zombies, they leave some of the humanity in the situation...the survivors take pity on the zombies sometimes...knowing that they are suffering souls who didn't choose to be in that situation. Pretty interesting. I was never into the vampire stuff very much. I'm not sure why. I'm less of a "sexy vampire" kind of girl and more of an "undead" kind of girl. What does that say about me? LOL :) :) :)