Think Geek's Zombie Selection...

To add to the Zombie mania, I came across this craziness today while surfing through things on - who on earth would pay $89 for this Garden Zombie? I dunno, but I do think it's awesomely funny.

ThinkGeek :: Garden Zombie

I do, however, think that $39 might be a fair price for this awesome Zombie cookie jar!

ThinkGeek :: Zombie Cookie Jar

 What about this cool plush pull-apart zombie for only $12.99? Awesome? I think so!

ThinkGeek :: Plush Zombie

Who need Vampires when you Got Zombies?

Now that the big Vampire kick is evening out, Zombies are everywhere! Why are they so much fun to draw? In our Monday afternoon staff meeting, I drew the two lovely zombies below while we talked about whatever it is we talk about in staff meetings. It's pretty much expected that me and the other designers sit around and draw while we listen to other's reports. It's like High School History class all over again. Except in High School history, I had to prove to the teacher that I was actually paying attention...he left me alone after I got 100% on the first test.

I also found this AWESOME zombie lego minifigure. I want him...he is on my Xmas wishlist!

And check out the new AMC series The Walking Dead - it comes on Sunday nights at 9pm CST. It's based on the graphic novel series with the same title. I've never read the graphic novels, but my friends who have said it follows them very well. It's a really interesting show so far. It's amazing how even though they are killing zombies, they leave some of the humanity in the situation...the survivors take pity on the zombies sometimes...knowing that they are suffering souls who didn't choose to be in that situation. Pretty interesting. I was never into the vampire stuff very much. I'm not sure why. I'm less of a "sexy vampire" kind of girl and more of an "undead" kind of girl. What does that say about me? LOL :) :) :)

Mmmm Brains...And Doodles Swap #7!

The latest round of Doodles were due right before Halloween this year. The theme was perfect for some possible Halloween doodles - Nightmares/Dreams. I really went for more of the nightmarish evil side of things. All of my doodles ended up pretty gruesome except for 4 of my 8 zombies that were more cartoon-like and funny. These 4 zombies were much more horrific looking and a lot of fun to draw. As I was drawing them, I realized that they made a nice little family... Ma Zombie, Pa Zombie, "Junior", and Ellie-May. How nice :) LOL

I actually felt kind of bad sending these scary doodles to folks that sent out the fun, cute little dreamy cards because obviously gore and brain-eating zombies were not their thing.

I even made a little video of me drawing Ellie-May. I didn't get to make a video from start to finish because I didn't think about making a video until I had already sketched her out. I might try to do that sometime though!


As I often do, I was in two groups for round #7 and I also did a series of doodles that I titled "Unwanted Visitors" - each doodle was about a kind of evil entity that watches in the darkness. I really struggled with this series at first, but in the end, I like the way they turned out. I especially like the ghost appearing to the baby, the hell hounds, the devil and the grim reaper. It's a pretty dark series, but it really is nightmarish... the idea of something out there watching while you are unaware is very, very creepy to me.

To check out all the doodles from this round, go to the Doodle Swap Flickr pool. There is some really great talent out there! Check it out! :)