The Sketchbook Project

A long, long time ago I signed up to be a part of The Sketchbook Project. It's the great group project where artists from all around the world submit sketchbooks that will tour the United States for people to view. After the tour has concluded, the sketchbooks will enter the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library.

I got my sketchbook way ahead of time because I knew I would need all the time possible to finish it up properly. I was pumped about the whole thing! When I got the sketchbook, I saw the thin paper and I was so disappointed. Especially after I began drawing in it. My favorite sketching pen bleeds right through! So, I stopped sketching... That put a roadblock in my enthusiasm.

Then I saw where others were modifying their sketchbooks and I read that it was acceptable to do that as long as the dimensions stayed the same. I had plans on doing this and FINALLY after many, many months, I removed the thin paper and added in my own.

I added in patterned paper, white paper, colored paper, and some watercolor paper as well. I thought it would be more fun to have a variety. There are only 44pgs now compared to the 80pgs that it originally came with.

Here are some photos that I thought I would share! Hopefully now I can continue to tote my sketchbook around with me and actually USE it!

My one and only real sketch on the actual thin paper in the Moleskin.

The book after the new paper is added. It's a little thick, but it's not too bad.

Examples of all the different kinds of paper.

I think I'll paste my sketch into the new book. I hate to trash it because it was done in the moment and I liked it a lot.