Fridays with Fiona & Friday : Introduction

As some of you may know, our beloved cat, Figaro passed away this March leaving a gaping hollow spot in our hearts. Our quiet home needed a cat, so we adopted not one, but TWO. Here are my sweet lovely kittens, Friday and Fiona!

I've been going home everyday at lunchtime to check on the kittens just to make sure they are staying out of trouble. They like to get on our kitchen table. That is a terrible habit for them to get into, but it's hard to stop the little devils!

Today Friday has been featured on The Daily Kitten Web site! Tomorrow The Daily Kitten will feature Fiona as well! Check them out :)



devon spec said...

they are TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! craig would seriously get grossed out when eras and sophie would walk all over my countertops... but i know what you mean! they aren't dogs, they do what they want! i just cleaned it 500 x's a day. :)