Typography and Doodling

We just finished another amazing doodle swap over at The Doodle Swap Project. Round five was the largest group yet - forty in total! This round (the first ever themed round) was themed "hand-drawn typography". I have to admit, it wasn't my first choice, but it really opened up a whole new level of doodling for me. I really, really enjoyed this and I am STILL thinking about words I would love to make into doodle creations. For my set, I chose to doodle song lyrics from some of my favorite songs. To see my doodles in better detail, check out my set on flickr.

This project presented me with the same problem I have when it's time to download new music. What song do I want? I know there was something I wanted to get, but I can't remember what it is. With this project, I knew there were TONS of songs I loved and there had to be some doodle-able lyrics in them somewhere. But, I was drawing a blank! Most of my lyrics went back to my favorite artists of the 90's. I have to admit, 3 of my doodles don't fit that theme because I was running out of lyrics! ha :)

I have decided to dedicate a small water-color sketchbook that my brother got me for Christmas to typography doodling. I will be on the look-out for interesting lyrics, phrases, or words that I can "illustrate" in my little watercolor journal. I am excited about the idea and I think I can fill up the notebook pretty quickly! I've already got a few started.

To see what other doodlers have done for this round, check out the flickr pool. Catch up with new events by visiting The Doodle Swap Project blog or become a "fan" on facebook!