I miss you, Blog.

I miss my blog. Facebook has lured me to it's dark side with it's quick to publish options and almost instant gratification. When I get notifications that someone "likes" my status or I get emails that someone commented on a photo, I know folks are listening. There is no doubt that Facebook's constant stream of information is a great way to share what is going on in your life or your work.

It's been quite a while since I have added anything to my blog. I have to admit, since the popularity of FB has skyrocketed, I feel like blog posts are almost obsolete. Facebook provides almost the same type of interaction in a quick, easy to publish way. The biggest advantage of blogs is the ability to elaborate on a subject, but most readers like quick messages anyway, so Facebook fits the bill!

Many times when I blog and share that blog post on Facebook, I receive comments on my Facebook profile rather than my blog comments section. Any commentary is good commentary, but when everything funnels back to Facebook, why bother with a blog? I try my best to practice what I preach and make sure I comment on blogs rather than the FB posts that share the blog posts.

Blogs are still outrageously popular when it comes to the major blogs that are practically full-time jobs for their writers. But, can the little guy's blog survive Facebook? What is the advantage of a blog for folks like me? I still look at other people's blogs, do you?



Anonymous said...

Blogs are found by your readers in general, or folks out searching and googling for solutions to problems, etc. In that area, I find having a blog (I use WP) is a great advantage.

Since Facebook is generally closed to anyone out of my 'network of friends' that limits the exposure to people I've let into my 'inner circle'.

For example, I could not have read this article on Facebook since I don't know you personally, but getting content out to the internet at large is where blogs excel, so as a result, here I am.

I found this article when someone posted the link on Twitter.

I say if it's not a personal little anecdote or inside joke, I'd write it on my blog then share the link on Facebook. That way you get comments and feedback from both those in your inner circle, and those out in the world at large seeking out your expertise.

What do you think?

Mary said...

Rob - your comment alone restores some of my faith in blogging. Just knowing that someone tweeted this post and someone else found it that way, helps me see the benefit of how all the social media outlets work together to keep blogs alive.

Google does a great job of finding blog content. I am usually amazed when I google something that is related to my blog post and see it on the first page of results.

I think my next step is to get into a regular habit of blogging again and using FB and Twitter to alert people to those posts in hopes that something interesting will spread to others.

Thanks for taking the time to write, Rob! :)

devon spec said...

facebook is fun, but my blog is personal... i love looking back on it instead of looking at my "wall" :) keep blogging mary!!