The Art of Butch Anthony

Butch Anthony of Seale, Alabama may be my new home decor hero. On his 80-acre homestead he creates art, architecture and curiosity. Not only is this place his home, but it's also the "Alabama Museum of Wonder" and home to the Doo-Nanny folk art festival each and every March since 1996.

His self-built, log cabin home is a thing of beauty. The raw wood paired with stark white walls and unique details like windows made from beaver dam twigs are sophisticated Folk. His art is often repurposed items that would have been thrown away.

See more of Butch Anthony's home architecture in the New York Time's slideshow:
Backwoods Design and the Art of a Doo Nanny

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devon spec said...

i LOOOVE butch! i saw this pic floating in the blogosphere too! :)

Mary said...

Dev - I am so freakin' pumped that he lives about 1 hour from here!!! I think next weekend I want to talk the husband into a little roadtrip.

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