Diversion Design gets a Facelift

After sticking with the identity I created for myself in college, I decided it was time to freshen up my look. I think the biggest challenge that a designer will ever face is designing their own identity. It's something that defines you and is very close to you. It's something that brands you and your work and shows the world what you are all about. It's hard to find one symbol that sums up what your service or company is all about.

I knew when I first designed my logo almost 8 years ago, that I liked the concept of a designer who was willing to seek out unique concepts and look for solutions in any direction necessary to meet the clients needs. That is why I chose the arrow imagery.

When I knew I wanted to redesign, I wanted to keep the basic symbol of arrows, but I wanted something that was clean, simple, and a little more refined. I also wanted to emphasize the fact that I am a print designer. Those things led me to my updated look. The logo is encased in Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow and the take the edge off of the black, I went with 80% black instead. It's colorful, simple, and I think it reflects me and my design style much better than my previous logo. I'm truly happy with the new facelift!

I'll post photos of my new business cards soon. The colorful logo works well with French Paper's Pop-Tone in Lemon Drop and Razzleberry and French's Dur-O-Tone in Steel Grey. I'm very exciting to start handing them out! ;)



kmonk said...

I like your mark alot but I keep seeing the "road sign" embedded into the name by replacing the lower case "r" in Diversion...

Mary said...

kmonk - Not sure what you mean...Do you mean have I thought about embedding the arrows in the name by replacing the "r" with arrows? Or?

Originally the whole "road sign" theme was kind of a part of my identity... my business cards had a screened back image of a windy road with that road sign sort of in the foreground. It was early college work that I had kept after graduation.

That is another reason that I wanted to update my identity and move away from that stark black arrow symbol. I think it reads less like a roadsign than before.

Thanks for the commentary!

Jeope said...

I avoid the angst altogether and have never made a logo for myself.

Mary, this is a big improvement. You should send me a card the next time we swap or sumthin'.

Missy B said...

Agree - fantastic job!! Designing for yourself is the hardest part... I like the new identity.