Doodle Swap Round #2

The second round of doodle swapping is coming to a close! Doodles are beginning to show up in mailboxes and on the Web! Here's an over-view of all my doodles. Once again, I decided to challenge myself to be in ALL the groups, so I had 20 doodles to produce. Here are 19 of them - I somehow counted incorrectly, so one last-minute doodle is missing from this group of scans. Oddly, these doodles went faster than my last set of 16 that were less detailed! I loosened up my style and went with pure sketch-quality fast doodles and I really love the results. I need a sketchbook full of this kind of work. For some reason I find fruits, vegetables and desserts a lot of fun to draw. The watercolors were fun to work with on these sketches...and I worked with the color a lot faster on these than with round #1. I would say that each sketch probably took a grand total of 10 minutes each for preliminary drawing, inking, and water coloring. My favorites have to be the pear, tomatoes, icecream cone, and sandwich.

This round was like therapy for me. I've been overloaded with 32+ page projects that have kept me in front of the computer non-stop. It was nice to take a break and just draw...

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