Creative Paw - Volunteering the Creative

If you know me, then you know how much I love animals. When Creative Paw, a network of creative professionals who are willing to work pro bono for animal welfare causes, began in 2007 I was really happy to become a part.

There are lots of volunteers, but probably not many needy organizations who know about these services, so I haven't been approached about volunteering until last week.

A group called FoCAS (Friends of Cullman Animal Shelter) e-mailed me about designing a Tshirt that will be sold to help raise money for spaying and neutered animals at the Cullman Animal Shelter. I was really excited about helping someone from my hometown area.

They gave me some tagline ideas and this is what I came up with (this is the approved art, but I am still working on tightening up the illustration). It was a lot of fun to work on and I hope they have much success in raising the funding they need!



Missy B said...

awesome! love the design, it made me chuckle here.

creativepaw hooked PAWS (princeton animal welfare society) to do a website. most feel-good-thing-ever :)

ksquar said...

love it! Let me know if they ever make this into shirts! I would totally buy a one or two!!!