Creative Paw - Volunteering the Creative

If you know me, then you know how much I love animals. When Creative Paw, a network of creative professionals who are willing to work pro bono for animal welfare causes, began in 2007 I was really happy to become a part.

There are lots of volunteers, but probably not many needy organizations who know about these services, so I haven't been approached about volunteering until last week.

A group called FoCAS (Friends of Cullman Animal Shelter) e-mailed me about designing a Tshirt that will be sold to help raise money for spaying and neutered animals at the Cullman Animal Shelter. I was really excited about helping someone from my hometown area.

They gave me some tagline ideas and this is what I came up with (this is the approved art, but I am still working on tightening up the illustration). It was a lot of fun to work on and I hope they have much success in raising the funding they need!

HomeStudio Pendants are awesome!

I found HomeStudio pendants on Etsy a few weeks ago and passed on the link to some of my friends. A friend here at work ended up buying several and giving them away for mother's day presents! I finally followed up on my own tip and bought 4 of my own! I really love these and they would make fantastic gifts. I've been showing them off and giving the link out to other girls at work who are pretty excited about them as well! They really make great gifts, or, if you are selfish like me, you'll buy 4 just for your very own!

Check them out!