Artist Spotlight: Amber Alexander

Art titles from L-R: "Moxy", "Watching the Canary", "Byron", "The Candy Hedge", "Cherry Blossom", and "Tea and Cake"

I am in love with these prints by Amber Alexander! I found her on Etsy today while I was searching for Valentines Day related items. Her prints (taken from her original paintings) are typically 8x10's and sell for a great price of around $18.00. I love the whimsical yet dramatic take on these animals. The eyes on the fox in "Moxy" are just amazing! For more eye-candy, check out her Etsy shop and blog!

Amber Alexander Etsy Shop
Amber Alexander Blog



Amber said...

THANK YOU, Mary! :)
Glad to have found your blog!-via my blog :)

Jeope said...

Holy cow, that bear on the couch. A must-have!

This post slipped through me BlogLines somehow. D'oh!

Mary said...

Isn't she amazing? I am particularly fond of the bear and the couch as well. I think the bear and the fox would be my first picks.