Designer Trading Cards - The Doodle Swap

Find some artist trading card packs of paper from Strathmore in my campus art supply store inspired me to start a "doodle swap" among designers I know who like to dabble with drawing doodles. How cool would it be to own tiny little original pieces of art by people I admire?

As of this premiere round of doodle swapping, we have no theme, but if the interest is there, we could add a theme to each round so we have a point of focus for doodling. I think it's going to be fun! Here are the specs that I have posted on the HOW design forum:

What is a Doodle Swap?
The Doodle Swap is based on the idea of Artist Trading cards. We create tiny pieces of original artwork to swap with others. In the end, we get quite a collection of little doodle art. They can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, but just remember that you'll be producing several pieces. They can be the same doodle or they can each be a different doodle.

How Will it Work?
If you would like to participate, please add your name to this thread and email me with your name & mailing address. fergum1-at-auburn-dot-edu is my email address. After all participants have been collected I'll send out mailing lists to each of you so you will know who you are sending your art to. You'll create that many original doodles and send them out to each person on your list by deadline. If the list gets too long, we'll break them down into smaller groups.

Deadlines & Specs
Sign-up Deadline: March 4th @ noon
Mail out Deadline: April 15th (6 weeks)
Drop-out Deadline: March 23rd
Size: 2.5" x 3.5"
Email Address to: fergum1-at-auburn-dot-edu

Original Thread:

Sign-Up Thread:


Something I've Been Having Fun With

I really like watercolors. They are kind of fun to work with. Even though they don't give the richest colors, watercolors are portable and easy to work with. I like the fact that they aren't messy. Anyways, this little doodle turned full color with my handy water-color kit...

Hoo Hearts U?

I do! Yes, I do. I heart my blog readers. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day.

This is a card I created last year during a creative team meeting I was in charge of here at work. We spread out tons and tons of plain paper, patterned paper, and magazines with the goal of making a Valentine using only the cut paper technique. This was my creation! Since I never posted it last year, I thought I would share while I wish everyone a great weekend!

Artist Spotlight: Amber Alexander

Art titles from L-R: "Moxy", "Watching the Canary", "Byron", "The Candy Hedge", "Cherry Blossom", and "Tea and Cake"

I am in love with these prints by Amber Alexander! I found her on Etsy today while I was searching for Valentines Day related items. Her prints (taken from her original paintings) are typically 8x10's and sell for a great price of around $18.00. I love the whimsical yet dramatic take on these animals. The eyes on the fox in "Moxy" are just amazing! For more eye-candy, check out her Etsy shop and blog!

Amber Alexander Etsy Shop
Amber Alexander Blog