Things To Do:

The new blog look is coming along well!! Jeope, you were right. I ended up taking that doodle, modifying, and looky! A new blog banner! I'm lovin' it. This template tweaking thing was a challenge for me. I still don't know what half the things in my template really do. I need to check it out on a PC and different browsers to make sure it looks okay from there. Here is a list of things I must do or learn to do...

  • Figure out how to customize the three tab links at under the graphic header.
  • Re-create link lists on sidebars.
  • Figure out how to get the date to show up on the posts.
  • Figure out how to make the post comments link and the post title link go to the same spot. If you click on the post title, the comments look cooler!
  • Re-design the sidebar list graphics. The Bar with arrow is just boring.
  • Re-do how many labels I use and get rid of random ones so the list isn't so long.



Melissa said...

Woah, it looks AWESOME!!! Great job, Mary!

devon spec said...

i LOVE it. i wish mine looked so good. :/

Jeope said...

I'm afraid to rejig mine. I know it could be better but I've put so much into it over the years and don't want to mess anything up. Perhaps reviving my test blog is in order.

This is solid, btw. You've done well.

Jeope said...

btw, nobody uses PCs anymore!