My Favorite Photo Ever

"Kitchen Window"

When I was getting my home office set up, I was going through lots of boxes of memorabilia and I found this little gem of a photo. This has got to be my favorite photo ever. This was taken with an old 35mm that was my mom's. I was a kid and I was just fooling around with some film that was leftover in the camera. I took this photo of a moth sitting on the kitchen window. You can see the thermometer we had mounted outside the window and in the distance, a blurry garage and a path that led to our garden.

It reminds me of the simple things about my childhood home. This picture captures so much about that for me. Even the lightening reminds me of how it felt to be at home on the weekend with all the windows and doors open.

I think I'm going to get a print of this made, frame it, and hang it in my kitchen, so it's always there to remind me.



Anonymous said...

Ok...that nearly made my cry.

I dream about that place a lot.

Mary said...

yeah, me too...all the time.

patricia zapata said...

Great story!

Your blog format is looking great. I have to rework mine.

BTW - email me - you're a winner! :)