I'm a Colour Lover

I found the most awesome site the other day. If you are like me, I get inspired just seeing certain colors together. You've got to check out www.colourlovers.com. You can browse through hundreds of thousands of unique color combinations, make your own, favorite others that you are intrigued by and even download desktop wallpaper of color palettes you have created. You can even upload images to show what might have inspired your color choices. You can apply your palettes to over 100 different seamless patterns and also download those as desktop wallpaper. You'll get Web, CMYK, and RGB break downs of all your colors. And possibly the best feature - download your favorite color palettes for use with Adobe Illustrator and other programs.

It's a great way to experiment with odd or unusual color combinations.
Check out my profile on the site & sign up today. This is a free tool!