Exercise Your Color Creativity

In our office we meet (or try at least!) once a week and do some type of creative activity for one hour. Each week we take turns taking charge of the activity. I try to come up with something that gives us a break from our day-to-day tasks. This week my exercise was inspired by my previous post.

I created an exercise that can easily be completed by a small group in 30-40 minutes with 20-30 minutes left for sharing and discussion. The object of the exercise is to create color unique color palettes. In part one, you create your palettes from image inspiration. In part two, you almost work backwards from this idea by coming up with an appealing palette and naming it. The name should be something that, even if it's strange or unique, gives another level of understanding to your palette choice!

You can download a PDF of the exercise I used for use with your own group! Get it here:

Color Combination Creative Excercise