Blog Doodle

I started working on some art for my upcoming blogiversary give-away and while doing that, I started playing with this little design. I'm not sure where this came from, but it is mostly just a doodle! It's kind of a strange style, but there is something about it I like!



Jeope said...

Why, that looks an awful lot like a header in the making. Nice stuff. Is it all digital, or a really fine pen?

Mary said...

Thanks! Totally digital doodle. I created the lettering in illustrator and then took it in photoshop to color. While in photoshop the coloring I did inspired the leaves, vines & those are photoshop, but I want to go back and do those in illustrator as well... They are a little shakey.

I am a saucy wench said...

cute... I like it :)

I guess my work decided that its not blocking blogger stuff anymore... w00t