Vintage Tablecloth Inspiration

Yesterday, as my mom was going through some family heirlooms that had been boxed away for quite some time, she found a old table cloth from the 1940's and I fell in love with it immediately! I'm not sure how table linens of the present have become to sterile and boring, but I much prefer the vibrant, feminine and fun aspect of vintage tablecloths. I was inspired to find other vintage patterns online and I just LOVE the imagery, patterns, and color palettes! Some of these can be found for sale online.


Exercise Your Color Creativity

In our office we meet (or try at least!) once a week and do some type of creative activity for one hour. Each week we take turns taking charge of the activity. I try to come up with something that gives us a break from our day-to-day tasks. This week my exercise was inspired by my previous post.

I created an exercise that can easily be completed by a small group in 30-40 minutes with 20-30 minutes left for sharing and discussion. The object of the exercise is to create color unique color palettes. In part one, you create your palettes from image inspiration. In part two, you almost work backwards from this idea by coming up with an appealing palette and naming it. The name should be something that, even if it's strange or unique, gives another level of understanding to your palette choice!

You can download a PDF of the exercise I used for use with your own group! Get it here:

Color Combination Creative Excercise

I'm a Colour Lover

I found the most awesome site the other day. If you are like me, I get inspired just seeing certain colors together. You've got to check out You can browse through hundreds of thousands of unique color combinations, make your own, favorite others that you are intrigued by and even download desktop wallpaper of color palettes you have created. You can even upload images to show what might have inspired your color choices. You can apply your palettes to over 100 different seamless patterns and also download those as desktop wallpaper. You'll get Web, CMYK, and RGB break downs of all your colors. And possibly the best feature - download your favorite color palettes for use with Adobe Illustrator and other programs.

It's a great way to experiment with odd or unusual color combinations.
Check out my profile on the site & sign up today. This is a free tool!

My Favorite Photo Ever

"Kitchen Window"

When I was getting my home office set up, I was going through lots of boxes of memorabilia and I found this little gem of a photo. This has got to be my favorite photo ever. This was taken with an old 35mm that was my mom's. I was a kid and I was just fooling around with some film that was leftover in the camera. I took this photo of a moth sitting on the kitchen window. You can see the thermometer we had mounted outside the window and in the distance, a blurry garage and a path that led to our garden.

It reminds me of the simple things about my childhood home. This picture captures so much about that for me. Even the lightening reminds me of how it felt to be at home on the weekend with all the windows and doors open.

I think I'm going to get a print of this made, frame it, and hang it in my kitchen, so it's always there to remind me.

Things To Do:

The new blog look is coming along well!! Jeope, you were right. I ended up taking that doodle, modifying, and looky! A new blog banner! I'm lovin' it. This template tweaking thing was a challenge for me. I still don't know what half the things in my template really do. I need to check it out on a PC and different browsers to make sure it looks okay from there. Here is a list of things I must do or learn to do...

  • Figure out how to customize the three tab links at under the graphic header.
  • Re-create link lists on sidebars.
  • Figure out how to get the date to show up on the posts.
  • Figure out how to make the post comments link and the post title link go to the same spot. If you click on the post title, the comments look cooler!
  • Re-design the sidebar list graphics. The Bar with arrow is just boring.
  • Re-do how many labels I use and get rid of random ones so the list isn't so long.

Testing: Please Excuse the Ugliness

I'm in the process of picking out a new template and adjusting it how I want! I'm in the testing phase. Basically, I change a piece of code, hit preview, then see what that did...memorize that function and then go on to the next. I'm not super familiar with this kind of code, but I do like the wider format with 3 columns!

Blog Doodle

I started working on some art for my upcoming blogiversary give-away and while doing that, I started playing with this little design. I'm not sure where this came from, but it is mostly just a doodle! It's kind of a strange style, but there is something about it I like!

Update in Progress.

Just to let you know why my blog is looking so plain.

I need to get this blog moved over to the newest blogger templates so I can add more features (like the ability to follow this blog, customizable lists, etc.). The links need updated and organized. I need some new art too. I can work on designing/drawing a new header!

Hopefully, I will have this up and running soon. My 5 year bloggiversary is coming up on March 12th. That's two months away! I'm thinking of some kind of neat give-away to celebrate!

Besides, all this is more fun than real work! :)

Very Cool: Giclee Prints by 64 Colors

While exploring, I found the shop "64 Colors" and I am in love with these prints! Go check out their shop. If you buy one, I'll be very jealous! :)

Where was all this Inspiration a month ago?

Before Christmas I was desperate to come up with some ideas for a 2009 Calendar. I loved working on that project last year and wanted to do it again this year, but nothing was coming to me. I couldn't come up with anything I wanted to try and draw or anything that seemed even half way original.

So, here I am and out of the blue I just started doodling straight from my Wacom to the screen and here comes a Yeti with an ice-cream cone. Hearts with one foot? Where did that cute, little creative notion come from? And the bigger question, where the hell was it a few months ago when I could have banked on these calendars?

So, What do you think? 2009 Calendar better late than never? Or wait until next year and slap those babies on Etsy?