The Art of Matte Stephens

During my random googling session of "Gocco" this morning, I found the most amazing Gocco owl by Matte Stephens on

Matte Stephens is a 34 year old self-taught artist from Boaz, Alabama. He draws his inspiration from the lifestyle of the 1940s and 50s. His work is truly amazing! I'm loving that he obviously loves cats (his own cats are his inspiration behind most of his cat art) and that he has an awesome home in B'ham Alabama where he surrounds himself with a plethora of inspirational eye candy. I'm also loving the fact that he's from Alabama! Way to represent, Matte ;)

Interview with Matte Stephens at
Matte Stephens' Blog
Matte Stephens on
Matte Stephens on



devon spec said...

guacco amazes me.. i have no idea and would love to take a class!