My Love List

Melissa over at has posted her weekly nice assignment and I loved it so much, I had to participate. Check out her assignment and the site!

I love my husband for always telling people that I am talented and amazing - it makes me blush sometimes, but I'm always so happy that someone believes in me so much. I love my mom for being such a nice and nurturing mother. I love my dad for all the great nick-names he had for me - I really miss him calling me "twinkle toes" and "Tootsie Pop". I love my brother for being my art mentor. I love my cat for being such a good cuddle-buddy. I love my best friends because no matter how busy we get, we can always get in touch and start right where we left off. I love my designer friends because they inspire me and understand me.

(and yes, my cat is a person - at least to me!)