Studio, Sweet Studio! Office Re-design Unleashed.

I finally have my office "together" enough to blog about it! I have had it painted brown for AGES now, but it took a while for my furniture to arrive (Ikea was cheap, but it took FOREVER to arrive!), then it took a while to unpack everything, then it took a while for me to get the time to decorate. There is always so much stuff going on that it has been hard for me to devote time to my office decor. I've been buying things here and there.

This was office decor on a shoe-string budget. The furniture was provided by my office, everything else was done by me! I thought I'd share some of my decor tips with you!

  • Do you have an ugly desk? I did. Check out for a great deal (and cheap shipping) on some home decor fabric for a spiffy table/desk covering!
  • Need some storage bins? (Image 2 ; 2nd shelf from top) Find some old stationary/envelope boxes and turn them into treasures. Print a pattern or image of your liking on a sheet of 8.5 x 11 sticker paper. Cut to fit the front part of your box and viola! Customizable storage bins practically for free!

  • Studio, Sweet Studio. I took this Veer poster that I got in the mail over to my on-campus copy shop and had it matte laminated for just a few bucks! Suh-weet!
  • It's the little things, like my hot pink bucket, that add a little spark. This hot pink bucket was $1.99 at Hobby Lobby and it's an excellent place for pens, scissors, and post-it notes!
  • If you like change, try a clothes-line approach to office decor. Along one wall, stretch some thin wire from one thumb-tack to another. Then you can clip some nifty art or some design inspiration along the wall - when you want something new, simply unclip and change it out! I added a backdrop behind mine - it's actually a grass beach mat (only$1 at big lots!).
  • Try hanging something from your ceiling. I used to have three, red paper lanterns. I really liked the way it added some dimension to the decor. This time I found this nifty, clip orb for $7 at one of the shops downtown. Then, I clipped some brown/pink/cream paint swatches from home depot into each one! Simple, easy, and partially free!
  • If you have a small office, don't be afraid to paint it a dark color! It actually made my office feel a lot larger. Just choose accent colors that brighten things up a bit!
  • Check out places like big lots, the dollar tree, and hobby lobby for great deals on little accents for your office.



devon spec said...

GREAT IDEAS! i especially like the paint chips idea! looks excellent and i love that it's pink and brown! :)

Jeope said...

Where's the "Hang In There Kitty" poster?!

Noicely done, ma'am. I approve.

Missy B said...

CUTE! Feels cozy and personal.

I'm a fan of the clothesline-hanging-random-stuff-on-the-wall and have it in my office :)

Mrs. Maria said...

LOVE IT Mary. We are on a similar budget! Your office is so much fun. I'm doing my office soon.... my craft office. I'm changing the playroom into my craft office. Why? Because each kid has their own room and I find myself cleaning 3 kid rooms when I have 2 kids. We also have a family loft in the making... but again the "budget" is limited. Thank you for sharing. It looks wonderful!

Violet said...

Awesome office! great tips on easy decorating.

Unknown said...

Great job Mary! Your office is very cool! I did the clothesline thing in my home office with twine and some thumbtacks and I LOVE it. The backdrop is a nice touch!