I *heart* Tigers.

My tiger encounter is set for July 19th at 2pm! I'm so excited. I can't even remember where I found this site, but I am so glad that I did. I've always wanted the chance to interact with a tiger. Patrick and I get to play with 20lb tiger cub, Sheena, for 30 minutes! I'm taking lots of photos and hopefully I'll get to bring a flip-cam along as well! Visit www.alabamagulfcoastzoo.com for more information about "The Little Zoo That Could".



Melissa Goodsell said...

oh how exciting...I would love to this, I bet you can't wait!

kgiff said...

I *heart* tigers too! How exciting! I'll be anxiously awaiting the re-cap.

jenny winstead said...

i just happened upon your blog and found this post! i JUST got back from this zoo this past weekend! i saw the cub and saw an awesome tiger show! you will LOVE it! :)