It's Been Almost a Month! Time for an Update!

WOW. It's been almost an entire month since I have touched my blog. Could this summer be any more hectic?

So, what has been going on?

My mom moved to Alabama! She arrived in Auburn June 3 weeks ago and I've been busy helping her get settled in. It's so great to have her here so close to me! She has a business partner/manager for her motel in Colorado and things are going well. She can spend some time away from that place and collect her thoughts for a while. It's good to have her here near me. I hope we get her all settled in soon so we can spend some time doing something besides emptying boxes!

The UPAA Symposium was a great success! Not only did our photoshop presentation go well, but the entire conference, hosted by Auburn, went extremely well. Because my mother and brother just arrived in town, a couple of days before the conference, I missed some incredibly talented photographers! The National Geographic photographer, Steve McCurry spoke. I did get to see enough of Michael Grecco's presentation to be very disappointed when I had to leave early. I hope that I get the chance to use some screen recording software to record my PS CS3 tutorials for posting on the web. Stay tuned.

I've been working independently with the Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative (ACHMI) again to help them get a collective look for their suite of materials. I really enjoy working with the subject matter and I think it's a great thing for the state of Alabama.

June was birthday month! I turned 30 this year! WOW! I still feel like a kid, so I don't care what number I am :) June is a very heavily celebrated month with 4 very important birthdays, my in-law's 40th anniversary, and father's day all in ONE WEEK.

Patrick got me the sweetest bday presents! A chococat makeup travel container, filled with funny little japanese candy that I like! He also got me PeeWee's playhouse Volume 2 on DVD, and a sweet book that you fill in the answers to. I had planned on getting on two of the books so we could each fill it out! He beat me to it. Here are some pics!

I really loved the color combination Patrick used on my Bday cake!
The candles were really cool!

I love Chococat! The book is really sweet. I am going to buy one and fill it out for him too.



Melissa said...

That's so great that your mom moved to Alabama!! And what cute stuff you got! Patrick has some good taste. But we knew that already. :-) CHOCOCAT!!

devon spec said...

yay you!!!
and um.. what the HECK! craig is the worst gift picker-outer ever, so please let him know he need help from pat=dawg!!!

Mrs. Maria said...

AWWWW! I need to come by more often... look at that cake. I love it. Can you hint my hubby to give me a creative cake for my 30th!!!! Happy belated bday! :-) I'm glad we're in blogging touch!