Beach Trip #1 & #2

Ahhh, it's summer! Okay, so technically, it is still spring, but come to southern Alabama and tell me if it doesn't FEEL like summer! Our first beach trip was over Memorial Day weekend. We got out to the shore very early and watched the dusky morning clouds fade to a gorgeous blue sky. We found a nice little American flag laying on the beach and put it on display.

We just couldn't stay away, so our second beach trip was 4 days later! The water was so nice and warm, and since it's just the beginning of June, the heat at the gulf hasn't become too unbearable. I wish the jellyfish would migrate someplace else though! I saw a few clusters and I ran for shore.



Melissa said...

So fun!! I haven't been to the beach in ages. I used to live near one, and I guess I got sick of the traffic and crowds. I wish there was a nice empty beach I could go to. I could have used one today. It was sweltering!

jaimie davis said...

This comment really doesn't pertain to this post whatsoever, but here-goes anyway.

I don't know who you are...I stumbled onto your blog when I linked to it from someone else's blog...but you're funny and creative and a Southern girl. These are all good qualities in my book. I like it!! Thanks for sharing.


Jeope said...

And yer man is hawtness!!!

(Oops. Did I say 'man'? I meant 'beach'.)