News - Quick Updates!

2008 UPAA Symposium

My fellow designer, Tracey Newell, and I (pictured) will be presenting a Photoshop tips & tricks seminar for the 2008 University Photographer’s of Association of American (UPAA) Symposium June 16-20 at Auburn University. The Symposium is housed by our university this year - our photographer, Jeff Etheridge, is the host. We will cover basic photoshop "plastic surgery", time-saving methods, and some incredible new features in Photoshop CS3. These techniques will help you make the most out of any photo shoot.

2008 GDUSA Inhouse Awards
My design work for our university’s Italian study abroad program has been recognized by Graphic Design USA 2008 American Inhouse Design Awards. To awardees, GDUSA released the following statement, "Each entry is judged against itself on its own merits, for excellence in creativity and effectiveness. As a practical matter, this results each year in a selection of between 10 percent and 15 percent of the entries as winners. 2008 is no different, though extremely competitive. A recordbreaking 5,500 entries were submitted and just a shade over 10 percent were honored with an embossed Award Certificate."



Missy B said...

Congratulations on the GDUSA award! Is that going to be featured in an upcoming magazine, then?

Mary said...

GDUSA can publish any winners if the winner chooses to pay the fee involved with getting the work included. My office doesn't want to spend that extra money.

It sounds sort of sketchy, however, GDUSA is a free publication, so they have to make the money to pay the staff somehow. If some poor, graphic designer out there got a Christmas bonus this year because of those fees, then more power to 'em.

devon spec said...

that is so cool! you look beautiful! hey... i had baja fresh with that lady you're with.. ;)

Trice Megginson said...

Looking forward to your and Tracey's Photoshop presentation next week!