Fun FYI : Photoshop Disasters Blog

Speaking of being a Photoshop nerd, I admit I am somewhat of a photoshop-touch-up-aholic. At least I'm pretty good at it. There really should be a 12-step program for these people though! Check out this blog : Photoshop Disasters

<--Did someone get a little carried away with the cloning tool? "Hey, there's a hole i that girl's stomach". (taken from



JDL said...

Ha ha. Your absolutely right. The problem is the magazines create unrealistic people these days. I'm sure the artist even realized it. I fell most sory for the little girls out there that think they should look like this. I hope my daughter never comes to me and says, I wish I didn't have a belly button.

web design manila said...

Cool! thanks for the info. Mary, I will try those steps this weekend. Keep posting.