Workspaces : My Studio is Finally Organized!

Granted, some people might look at the following images and say "She needs to organize". To those people, I would say "If you could have only seen this mess a few months ago, you'd call this room 'Heaven'". I still have stacks of things and I honestly just have too much stuff for one room, but here is my previously miserable and un-functional studio re-organized and relatively clutter free! I can actually work in here now!

I also picked out a chair! Nothing like the ones I had featured a couple of posts ago, but nicer, studier and much cheaper than my other choices! Check it out!

My new chair! Very comfortable, nice little ottomon. Got it at Big Lots!

My very first mac. 1998, graphite grey special edition imac. It still works fine when I need it.

My workstation. My new Intel Mac is great.

This is where I start to get artsy! My drafting table is great for crafty stuff or drawing.

I am a collector of stuff. I love stuff.



Anonymous said...

Do you still have the wall of blasphemy?

Melissa said...

Awesome!!! I'm so jealous, it looks amazing! You have so much fun stuff. And that chair is great! Aww man, now I can't wait to move so I can set up my own work room.

Ivey Handcrafted said...

What a fabulous studio! It looks great and makes me very jealous - I love your ugly dolls - I have one....and for some reason it ended up being my dog's little baby, carrys it everywhere! XOXO - great space!