I'm a Photoshop NERD.

So, my friend Saad got married last December. Saad moved to Seattle recently and he isn't the best at staying in touch, so when I FINALLY got to see some wedding photos, I was so happy! I can remember back in '01 when I met Saad I had helped him scan photos from his older sisters wedding. Her wedding (like Saad's) was a traditional wedding held in Pakistan. I believe they usually last 3 days? It's just BEAUTIFUL – just like this newly wed couple.

So, anyways, when I got the photos, the first thing I did was open them in photoshop. My husband was like "What are you doing? Are you FIXING those?" and I was all sheepish and said "No...I just want to see something." I was totally "fixing" them. Not that these two need to be "fixed", but I thought they would look awesome with the background desaturated and a nice, dreamy glow. Anyways, at this small size the changes are subtle, but click on the image above and check it out.

In case you aren't a photoshop nerd like I am, here are the quick easy steps to a dreamy photo shoot!

  1. Open image in Photoshop
  2. Double click the image layer and rename to "layer 0" - this removes the lock on this background layer
  3. Copy "layer 0"
  4. On the copy layer, select filter>blur>gaussian blur
  5. Bump the blur up until you are satisfied with the look.
  6. In the layers panel, reduce the opacity on the blurry, copied layer to 50%
  7. VIOLA!



Jeope said...

And another method for a good false soft focus:

Copy base layer, give the copied layer a gaussian blur between 7-15% (depending on detail, resolution, etc.), set copied layer mode to "soft light", play with layer opacity 'til just so.

Oh yeah, one more thing: NERRRRRRRD!!!

Rhea said...

What a beautiful bride! I don't have photoshop but I know that if I did, I would be totally addicted to it.