Howiezine 11 : Alphabet / Diversion Mary Typeface

Another great 'zine has been designed & delivered! HOWiezine 11 : Alphabet arrived just yesterday and I must say I am still so impressed with this effort. Eleven hand-made, limited edition 'zines over a couple of years time is a great feat for any group of artists. I was impressed by the number of participants this time!

This 'zine theme was "Alphabet", so I offered up my handwriting as a downloadable font! See the text on my illustration below (my 'zine page) for a sample-click to enlarge. If you are interested in downloading this font, I will make a link available to anyone who emails me. If you are a HOWiezine 11 recipient, a URL to download this font is available on the back of my designed 'zine page!
I used the Web site to create my font. Fontifier is a handy tool, but it does take quite a bit of tweaking before you get a file that is orderly enough to get the highest quality font set. My font requires a little kerning on certain letters, but many handwritten fonts are this way. Enjoy!



Jeope said...

Mary, that illo is fantastic! The fox just makes me smile.

A co-worker once made a font from my writing, but it wasn't on one of my good days so I'm not too proud of it.