Raw Canvas

I was recently asked to paint a rather large banner for the local chapter of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. I accepted the job and at first they wanted me to paint directly onto the wall. No problem, until I found out the "wall" was about 10 feet off the ground! I would have had to paint it on a ladder. Eek.

Good thing the local art shop sells canvas by the yard at a reasonable price! I talked them into letting me paint them a large banner. This banner measures 105 " x 32" (that will be the finished size after sewing–this photo is before sewing).

I did the design in illustrator. I rolled a base color onto the canvas and let that dry. Then I tile-printed a row of the diamond shapes out at 100% and used the transfer method to mark them off on the canvas. After that I added color to the diamond shapes and a little detail. Next, I tile-printed the rest of the art out and used the transfer method on that as well. After that, all that is left is painting. That's the fun part. Transferring the design can be a rigorous chore. Especially with something this large! I had to work on this outside my apartment because I did not have the floor or wall space to work on it. It took about 13 hours total to complete this from design to final brushstroke. Boy was I glad I wasn't painting this on a wall on top of a ladder!

All this crafty painting makes me want to try my hand at some fine art again! Just another thing to add to my "I Want To Do" list.



devon spec said...

mary that is BEAUTIFUL!!!

you are super talented. i suck! i tried to do one for charlotte that looked like yours, it is awful! lol. but at least i had fun. you definately have a style going there girl! you should open up an etsy shop!!!!!! you'd make millions, no BILLIONS! one BILLION dollars... !


Suzie said...

Wow that's amazing! Thanks for talking us through how you put it together, it's so interesting to see how artists work. And also thanks for you lovely comment, it's always good to get a bit of encouragement!

Jeope said...

I painted a big banner at work ... once. I have such microscopic tendencies and need for control with anything artistic I do, so I found it very overwhelming. I also got paint on my favourite shirt at the time. Double whammy!

This, however, looks fantastic.