My First Scrapbook

Last fall I decided that I wanted to make a scrapbook to give as a Christmas gift to my mother. Having pretty much all of the family photographs in my posession, the possibilities were really pretty wide open. After some time, I decided I wanted the whole book to be about me, my mom, and my grandmother. Sort of an all-girls theme. While I was making her a book, I figured I would go ahead and make two of every page so I could have my very own copy. I really do love this book! I thought I would share some highlights. Click for a more detailed view.

  1. "Just Us Girls" - one of the photos that gave me the idea for keeping this album just about the three of us.
  2. "Grandma" - This one is all about my grandma. She loved green and this photo is exactly how I will always remember her.
  3. "Handmade with Love" - All about the little, red crocheted coat my mom made for me.
  4. "A Few Good Men" - I had to work in the men in our lives. This is my favorite page of all. Each brad that is used to attach the names under the photos has our married name initial.
  5. "Now & Then" - I took a recent photo and my all-time favorite photo from 1983 and put them together in a two page spread.
  6. "Proud Mom" and "So Very Sweet" - Each time I say I have an all-time favorite image, I remember that they are all my favorites! How can I not love these? :)



Missy B said...

I *love* the scrapbook! Great job, and what a wonderful idea to make two pages as you go along :)

Melissa Goodsell said...

You've done a really beautiful job of this scrapbook!!
Gorgeous work,

Suzie said...

That is so lovely :) And thanks for the fabric tip, I've checked out the store it's really cool!

Anonymous said...

I remember when those photos were being taken. It just does not seem or feel like it was that long ago.

Sometimes, I feel as if you still should be 3!

devon spec said...

mary, those are awesome! i SUCK at scrapbooking. i mean SUCK. you are so good at everything you do. :)