Happy 2008 everyone! I'm finally back to blogging again after a very busy holiday season.

Christmas was GREAT. I really had a great time relaxing and spending time with Patrick. We really had blast with our new "toys" on Christmas. Patrick got a record player as one of his gifts so we enjoyed some old-school christmas music on vinyl. It was by far my favorite Christmas music of the season! I got lots of useful things for arts and crafts this year and I am excited to start using them. I can't wait to get my studio fixed up so I can use my new sewing machine and my Prismacolor Pencil Set (132 colors!!!!). I did spend like an entire day (!) playing PS2 games (Katamari Damashi ROCKS).

Anyways, my FAVORITE holiday this year was one I have never celebrated before. My first wedding anniversary! Patrick and I went to Atlanta for the evening and went to the High Museum of Art the next day for the Louvre Ancient World exhibit and the Impressionists exhibit. We had a great time. Atlanta Marriott Marquis was SO NICE to us! When they found out it was our first anniversary, they upgraded our room, gave us champaign, a fruit platter, and a free in-room movie! It was so great. That was on top of a package deal that included the tickets to the museum and breakfast the next morning. It was nice! We watched The Assassination of Jesse James and relaxed with our nice fruit platter and the cake topper from our reception. The cake was still amazing after being frozen for an entire year!



Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Glad you guys had a good time in ATL.
If you find that old Chinese couple that ...front ended (?) me, let me know!! ;)

devon spec said...

aw, happy belated from me as well! one year down... :) :D