Daily Obsessions

You know it's funny, my friend & fellow designer, Mel mentioned in her latest blog about the whirlwind of endless possibilities that are going on in her brain. It must be catching because I have been down-right ANTSY with the neat to do things. I've been putting my need to sew, paint, and design things aside until I can get my office/studio in order. I've almost completed that task, but yesterday I became absolutely obsessed with hunting down the perfect lounging/reading/movie watching chair for my newly revitalized room. I spent like 3 hours on the Web looking at chairs. 3 HOURS trying to find the smallest, most versatile, most affordable chair for my room. This is what I found :

$299.00 ($30 shipping) *** This is the double-lounger by Pottery Barn Teen. It's a lounger, that folds up into a chair for space-saving loveliness.

$199.00 + free shipping *** This thing is called the Yogi-Poof. It looks really comfortable and it seems like storage would take up less space as it is tall & slender. There is even a how-to video on their site.$249.00 + free shipping *** This is a classic example of the bean-bag chair from beanbags.com. The great thing about this chair is that it can double as a bed. If you take the cover off, the inside liner with foam stuffing will expand into a floor pillow the size of a King size bed! Great way to make sure we have a spot for guests.

I'm not sure which option I'm going to go with - they all have their ups & downs! And for the price, I could just buy a lazy-boy or something!

Maybe tomorrow I will fill you in on my other obsession : Tattoos