My First Scrapbook

Last fall I decided that I wanted to make a scrapbook to give as a Christmas gift to my mother. Having pretty much all of the family photographs in my posession, the possibilities were really pretty wide open. After some time, I decided I wanted the whole book to be about me, my mom, and my grandmother. Sort of an all-girls theme. While I was making her a book, I figured I would go ahead and make two of every page so I could have my very own copy. I really do love this book! I thought I would share some highlights. Click for a more detailed view.

  1. "Just Us Girls" - one of the photos that gave me the idea for keeping this album just about the three of us.
  2. "Grandma" - This one is all about my grandma. She loved green and this photo is exactly how I will always remember her.
  3. "Handmade with Love" - All about the little, red crocheted coat my mom made for me.
  4. "A Few Good Men" - I had to work in the men in our lives. This is my favorite page of all. Each brad that is used to attach the names under the photos has our married name initial.
  5. "Now & Then" - I took a recent photo and my all-time favorite photo from 1983 and put them together in a two page spread.
  6. "Proud Mom" and "So Very Sweet" - Each time I say I have an all-time favorite image, I remember that they are all my favorites! How can I not love these? :)

Daily Obsessions

You know it's funny, my friend & fellow designer, Mel mentioned in her latest blog about the whirlwind of endless possibilities that are going on in her brain. It must be catching because I have been down-right ANTSY with the neat to do things. I've been putting my need to sew, paint, and design things aside until I can get my office/studio in order. I've almost completed that task, but yesterday I became absolutely obsessed with hunting down the perfect lounging/reading/movie watching chair for my newly revitalized room. I spent like 3 hours on the Web looking at chairs. 3 HOURS trying to find the smallest, most versatile, most affordable chair for my room. This is what I found :

$299.00 ($30 shipping) *** This is the double-lounger by Pottery Barn Teen. It's a lounger, that folds up into a chair for space-saving loveliness.

$199.00 + free shipping *** This thing is called the Yogi-Poof. It looks really comfortable and it seems like storage would take up less space as it is tall & slender. There is even a how-to video on their site.$249.00 + free shipping *** This is a classic example of the bean-bag chair from The great thing about this chair is that it can double as a bed. If you take the cover off, the inside liner with foam stuffing will expand into a floor pillow the size of a King size bed! Great way to make sure we have a spot for guests.

I'm not sure which option I'm going to go with - they all have their ups & downs! And for the price, I could just buy a lazy-boy or something!

Maybe tomorrow I will fill you in on my other obsession : Tattoos

Raw Canvas

I was recently asked to paint a rather large banner for the local chapter of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. I accepted the job and at first they wanted me to paint directly onto the wall. No problem, until I found out the "wall" was about 10 feet off the ground! I would have had to paint it on a ladder. Eek.

Good thing the local art shop sells canvas by the yard at a reasonable price! I talked them into letting me paint them a large banner. This banner measures 105 " x 32" (that will be the finished size after sewing–this photo is before sewing).

I did the design in illustrator. I rolled a base color onto the canvas and let that dry. Then I tile-printed a row of the diamond shapes out at 100% and used the transfer method to mark them off on the canvas. After that I added color to the diamond shapes and a little detail. Next, I tile-printed the rest of the art out and used the transfer method on that as well. After that, all that is left is painting. That's the fun part. Transferring the design can be a rigorous chore. Especially with something this large! I had to work on this outside my apartment because I did not have the floor or wall space to work on it. It took about 13 hours total to complete this from design to final brushstroke. Boy was I glad I wasn't painting this on a wall on top of a ladder!

All this crafty painting makes me want to try my hand at some fine art again! Just another thing to add to my "I Want To Do" list.


Happy 2008 everyone! I'm finally back to blogging again after a very busy holiday season.

Christmas was GREAT. I really had a great time relaxing and spending time with Patrick. We really had blast with our new "toys" on Christmas. Patrick got a record player as one of his gifts so we enjoyed some old-school christmas music on vinyl. It was by far my favorite Christmas music of the season! I got lots of useful things for arts and crafts this year and I am excited to start using them. I can't wait to get my studio fixed up so I can use my new sewing machine and my Prismacolor Pencil Set (132 colors!!!!). I did spend like an entire day (!) playing PS2 games (Katamari Damashi ROCKS).

Anyways, my FAVORITE holiday this year was one I have never celebrated before. My first wedding anniversary! Patrick and I went to Atlanta for the evening and went to the High Museum of Art the next day for the Louvre Ancient World exhibit and the Impressionists exhibit. We had a great time. Atlanta Marriott Marquis was SO NICE to us! When they found out it was our first anniversary, they upgraded our room, gave us champaign, a fruit platter, and a free in-room movie! It was so great. That was on top of a package deal that included the tickets to the museum and breakfast the next morning. It was nice! We watched The Assassination of Jesse James and relaxed with our nice fruit platter and the cake topper from our reception. The cake was still amazing after being frozen for an entire year!