Win a 2008 Desktop Calendar!

Several of my crafty cohorts (mel & RJ) have been holding drawings for prizes via their blogs and since I finally have something to offer up, I thought I would hold one myself! All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog entry and answer the following question :

"What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?"

I will randomly select a name out of a hat on Thursday, December 13th after 6pm CST. Winner will be announced on my blog! Please leave me a way to contact you by email as well! Good luck!



Anonymous said...

Pick me!

Missy B said...

Yay, I love the calendar you made!

Holiday traditions have always been way more prominent on my dad's side of the family due to strong Catholic practices coming from Poland and Italy. For me, it's a tie between two of the many traditions:

1. Easter: Growing up, we always used to crack hard boiled eggs with each other. Basically, everyone had a hard boiled egg, and we went around and lightly tapped eggs with one another, and it was "good luck" if your egg wasn't cracked when you were done with everyone. Don't know how many people do this, I'd be curious to find out...?

2. Christmas: breaking bread with everyone (like the host in church). On Christmas Eve, passes them out before dinner. Every single person takes a little piece of bread from another and wishes a good following year and our love for one another.

I *miss* these two traditions so much, as me and my husband don't get to spend the holidays with them really anymore since moving across the country and starting our own family and traditions. But, memories will keep alive right?

Mary - what a great question, by the way :)

Anonymous said...

The best Christmas I had was the one year in Canada with my aunt and uncle. We spent a whole day cooking Christmas cookies, icing the cookies, cooking & stringing popcorn and dressing the tree - all the family, all together, laughing, singing, telling stories. 'Twas the bestest Christmas evah! *tearing up*

sublimedesign AT hotmail DOT com

gabbycat said...

Right now I'd have to say my favorite holiday tradition is kissing under the mistletoe. I'd give anything to be able to kiss my husband under the mistletoe this christmas. Unfortunately he is in Iraq and won't be coming home to us until next year. I guess I will just have to keep it hanging until he gets back...

Unknown said...

We're already trading, so i don't want to take up a contest spot, but I wanted to say that I love the "happy holidays" band you have on your calendar! I'm stealing your idea. :-)

And just for fun, my favorite holiday tradition is definitely decorating the tree. I look forward to it every year. And even though I went through an emotionally rough tree-decorating this year, I still love it!

Unknown said...

I've always had a nice Chinese food dinner for Christmas. Growing up we would go to the local Chinese restaurant. Funny but it was filled with everyone else in town that didn't celebrate Christmas.

When I was single I would cook Chinese food for all my friends who didn't have anywhere to go Christmas Eve. One year that included my now husband. (We were just friends for years.)

Now that I'm married and live in Chicago we go to China Town. If the weather is too cold then we get delivery from the Chinese joint down the street.

What can I say... Christmas Eve means Chinese food to me.

ksavage said...

Hi Mary! I just love, love, love the calendar. (smiling)

The October month is my favorite design by far. As for the contest, I don't have any Holiday Traditions…Well, Halloween really isnt a Holiday more of a festival but it is tradition now (as of Fall 2006) for me to participate in Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For! YOWZA!

Anonymous said...

I love your calendar, Mary! I wanna win!

My favorite holiday is Halloween. No, Christmas. No, Halloween. Christmas cuz I love making cookies and cards and ornaments and presents for friends. Halloween cuz I love making decorations and Mummy stromboli! Ok, Christmas must be my fave holiday cuz I wrote a longer sentence about it!

And now I want Chinese! :P

Anonymous said...

My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas morning. I know lots of people open gifts quickly, but I really enjoy having a wonderful fancy breakfast in front of the fire with the family, then once everyone is finished, somoeone plays santa and hands out the gifts one by one, and we all watch as they get opened one by one. That way you actually know what everyone got and it's not over in n10 seconds. I love Christmas morning.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Mary.

I have two favorite holiday from my childhood and one now.

1. When I was a kid, we would always do midnight mass at my church on Christmas Eve. We had just been to my grandmothers for dinner earlier that evening and would be at church by 11 p.m. It really made Christmas feel real and just gave you a warm feeling inside.

2. Now, my favorite tradition is watching my son on Christmas morning. Last year he was really too young to enjoy his gifts. However, this year I fully expect him to get up on Christmas morning and go to town on his gifts. I am so looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your beautiful picture, Mary. I don't have the holiday tradition but one of my favorite things to in Holiday is wrapping a gift all night. I procrastinate till Christmas eve and start wrapping. It makes me so happy when I see wrapped gift boxes for my family & friends under the Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mary!
Your calendar is great! Nice and colorful.

Favorite holiday tradition (nostalgic, 'cause it's gone by the wayside): the whole family went out to cut down the tree on Christmas Eve. Then we'd come home and decorate it, eat dinner, open 1 present, go to Midnight Mass, (pretend to) sleep, and then the Christmas Day extravaganza began!

Now, we're the ones who live far away, so we go back for Christmas.
We don't even have a real tree at home anymore :-( - so I compensate by having three! And Midnight Mass is at 10:30, and I need my sleep too much to pretend!!

Oh, those were the days, but these are the ones we have...

So, I'm liking Halloween more and more...! Candy, pumpkins, candy, costumes, candy, silly fun & games, and candy of course!

Cherrill said...

My favourite Christmas tradition usually takes place on December 22 or 23. That's when my husband and I have our Christmas together before heading out of town to spend the next 3 days with my family and his. We have a lovely candlelit dinner, open our presents to each other and just spend a quiet evening together. It's a good way to keep us going through the hectic schedule that begins once we get mixed in with the rest of the families.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary! I love your calendar - you ROCK!

as a kid, I would count up all my stuffed animals each November, and then systematically invite each one into my bed each night until Christmas, so by the time I got to Christmas Eve, I had my ENTIRE stuffy collection in bed with me, and I was essentially buried in them. it helped me count down the days - sorta like a stuffed-animal advent calendar!! xoxo

Mary said...

These are all great answers! Missy - I love how very traditional your traditions are! They are so old school!

Live - yours is just TOO CUTE, when & if I have children, I'm going to get them to do that! I LOVE IT!

I'm fascinated with traditions because I never had a big family and we didn't have tons of set traditions.

My favorite would have to be from my childhood. When I was a kid, each Christmas Eve either my dad or my brother would disappear for a while and suddenly there would be the sound of jingle bells and boots on the front porch! I was so excited!

Also, when I was a kid, I used to think that red, airplane lights were Rudolph's nose! ;P

Anonymous said...

your calendar is great Mary :)