Paint by Number Art is Kind of Cool.

I was online doing a little image research when I happened upon a vintage Paint By Number for sale on Ebay. For some odd reason I decided to search for "vintage paint by numbers" on ebay and found some intriguing stuff!

I guess the simplification of image really appeals to me from a graphic standpoint. Created primarily in the 1950's, Paint by Number sets aren't too far away from Charles S. Anderson imagery that designers love.

I really like this horse I found on ebay. I am not sure if the colors were modified by the painter, or if this was the way they came, but I really like how it turned out. The colors are pastel, yet complimentary, and nothing at all realistic, but somehow this is so appealing.

Paint by numbers deserve a little more credit than they are given. Afterall, someone did have to draw these images. They had to simplify them much as we simplify images to create Imagine if you had created this horse in Adobe illustrator with the same wild color pattern – it would probably be featured in some design magazine an "new" and "chic" design/illustration.

Checkout this paint by number set I found for sale on Savell Graphics Web site. This is quite nice. If I were the person responsible for having illustrated this scene, I would be pretty proud of my work.

I found this interesting online article/site called Paint by Number: Accounting for Taste in the 1950s.

Another great site, has an archive of all types of paint by number art! Very cool.

And check out these little darlings. Totally kitschy and lovable deer. I guess they came in a set? If one deer wasn't fun enough, then by golly there's still one more to paint!

I'm not sure why I find this "bad art" so intriguing, but I do and I can't be the only one or there wouldn't be so many sites out there! And though they are cheesy and not much of a true accomplishment in the end, I can recall that as a kid, paint by number crafts were a lot of fun and very relaxing.