Holiday Preview

For Christmas this year, I decided I would try something a little more fun and more practical than just a card. Here is a little preview! I plan on producing 2008 desktop calendars. They will be 5"x5.5" and placed in a CD-style,plastic calendar holder. I got a good deal on the holders and now I've just got to finish up my months! I'm pretty excited about this. I may have to purchase some more calendar holders because I might expand my list this year! I also plan on using this as a promotional item. Even when sending this to friends and family, giving them a business card is a good reminder to think of me if anyone they know might need some design work done.

Thanks to netgraphics for making this 2008 calendar template available for download. It's completely editable so that you can choose your own fonts, so this saved me a lot of time! All the days of the week are lined up and ready to go! Adobe exchange is a great resource.



Melissa said...

I actually saw your post on the forum and took neko up on her offer. I only got 20, but I have a small family. I probably won't even start designing the pages until December 24th. Yours look so cute so far! Cant wait to ser the rest!!!

Mary said...

Thanks! Last night I was actually thinking about changing direction totally and going for more of the look that I had going with that previous post about playing with color. Currently, this looks like a Lisa Frank calendar hahaha :) Just need some rainbows and unicorns! haha
But, whatev. Sometimes you just have to choose and Get 'er done! :)

Melissa said...

You could be really ambitions and do two versions. I might have to do one month at a time. I really just want it for myself, not even as gifts. I was going to buy a few from etsy, but I thought I'd be a bad designer if I didn't give it a shot.