Color is my Plaything

In keeping with my goal of making more of my blog posts design related or creatively inspired, I decided to use my stumble feature to do a little design related Web surfing. A few clicks in, I came upon - a beta Web site that looks like it was last updated sometimes in 2006. I thought the concept was a neat idea, so right there and then, I decided that I would make color my blog theme of the day!

One color combination called "funky alcoholic" caught my eye, so I thought I would try to do something creative today based on those colors. The site allows you to download each color scheme in your program of choice. I began with illustrator and decided I wanted to play with pattern. As I worked with the colors, I quickly realized I didn't like them as much as I thought, so I changed them up and made them richer and warmer.

A simple leaf shape transformed quickly into a natural theme and I kept adding random vectorized elements. Please do not inspect my vector work very closely! It's very messy – not enough time for perfection today!

I really like what evolved from just "doodling" in illustrator. I call my color palette "Almost Winter" because of the cool, wintery blues mixed with the warmer fall colors. It's like a transitional color palette.



Unknown said...

I love it! That would make a great notecard!