7 months to go!

5 months designed and 7 more to go. Here is another preview. These are my favorite months so far! I'm really stuck on what to do for August and September. Fall begins in September, but August is just late summer... It's a tough month. Click for a better detail.

Wacom Tablets ROCK.

I just got a Wacom, 6x8" tablet today for work. It really rocks. I totally need on of these for home. I love the pen tool and the mouse is great too...tons better than the stupid Apple Mighty Mouse. I love Apple, but that mouse has got to go!

I really love how the pen tool has a "right click". When you use your other hand to do key commands on your keyboard you can really rock in Adobe Illustrator!

Paint by Number Art is Kind of Cool.

I was online doing a little image research when I happened upon a vintage Paint By Number for sale on Ebay. For some odd reason I decided to search for "vintage paint by numbers" on ebay and found some intriguing stuff!

I guess the simplification of image really appeals to me from a graphic standpoint. Created primarily in the 1950's, Paint by Number sets aren't too far away from Charles S. Anderson imagery that designers love.

I really like this horse I found on ebay. I am not sure if the colors were modified by the painter, or if this was the way they came, but I really like how it turned out. The colors are pastel, yet complimentary, and nothing at all realistic, but somehow this is so appealing.

Paint by numbers deserve a little more credit than they are given. Afterall, someone did have to draw these images. They had to simplify them much as we simplify images to create Imagine if you had created this horse in Adobe illustrator with the same wild color pattern – it would probably be featured in some design magazine an "new" and "chic" design/illustration.

Checkout this paint by number set I found for sale on Savell Graphics Web site. This is quite nice. If I were the person responsible for having illustrated this scene, I would be pretty proud of my work.

I found this interesting online article/site called Paint by Number: Accounting for Taste in the 1950s.

Another great site, www.paintbynumberz.com has an archive of all types of paint by number art! Very cool.

And check out these little darlings. Totally kitschy and lovable deer. I guess they came in a set? If one deer wasn't fun enough, then by golly there's still one more to paint!

I'm not sure why I find this "bad art" so intriguing, but I do and I can't be the only one or there wouldn't be so many sites out there! And though they are cheesy and not much of a true accomplishment in the end, I can recall that as a kid, paint by number crafts were a lot of fun and very relaxing.

Look! It's my cat, Figaro! :)

I had one of those CVS disposable video cameras for a recent trip to visit family. I tagged on a couple of little videos of my silly cat - who is never silly for the camera - and all of his many toes. He's really a sweet cat. Very dependent, unlike the true nature of cats. Check out Figaro Kittenpants in his video debut!

Holiday Preview

For Christmas this year, I decided I would try something a little more fun and more practical than just a card. Here is a little preview! I plan on producing 2008 desktop calendars. They will be 5"x5.5" and placed in a CD-style,plastic calendar holder. I got a good deal on the holders and now I've just got to finish up my months! I'm pretty excited about this. I may have to purchase some more calendar holders because I might expand my list this year! I also plan on using this as a promotional item. Even when sending this to friends and family, giving them a business card is a good reminder to think of me if anyone they know might need some design work done.

Thanks to netgraphics for making this 2008 calendar template available for download. It's completely editable so that you can choose your own fonts, so this saved me a lot of time! All the days of the week are lined up and ready to go! Adobe exchange is a great resource.

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

On someone else's blog I saw another ning group called "30 Days of Thanks" in honor of the holiday of Thanksgiving. I thought I would take a moment and talk about giving thanks.

First off, let me say that I believe whole-heartedly in being thankful. When I pray, I do not ask for things, I say thank you for what I have. I figure in the long run, If I am thankful for what I have, God will give me what I need.

I am thankful for my wonderful friends and family and I hope that God takes care of them all by giving them strength when they need it, hope when there seems to be none, and love because there can never be enough.

I hope that I can be reunited with my mom soon. I can not wait until she can be back near her family where she belongs!

Great Place for Neat Stuff

Need a unique gift this holiday season? Check out : www.spoonsisters.com! I especially like the 3-D Doodle Pad, The edge-lovers brownie pan, and the doggie pencil sharpener!

Color is my Plaything

In keeping with my goal of making more of my blog posts design related or creatively inspired, I decided to use my stumble feature to do a little design related Web surfing. A few clicks in, I came upon dailycolorscheme.com - a beta Web site that looks like it was last updated sometimes in 2006. I thought the concept was a neat idea, so right there and then, I decided that I would make color my blog theme of the day!

One color combination called "funky alcoholic" caught my eye, so I thought I would try to do something creative today based on those colors. The site allows you to download each color scheme in your program of choice. I began with illustrator and decided I wanted to play with pattern. As I worked with the colors, I quickly realized I didn't like them as much as I thought, so I changed them up and made them richer and warmer.

A simple leaf shape transformed quickly into a natural theme and I kept adding random vectorized elements. Please do not inspect my vector work very closely! It's very messy – not enough time for perfection today!

I really like what evolved from just "doodling" in illustrator. I call my color palette "Almost Winter" because of the cool, wintery blues mixed with the warmer fall colors. It's like a transitional color palette.

It's Needle & Thread Time!

Lately I have had the incredible urge to sew things. Seeing as how I still haven't acquired a sewing machine, I am left with the old-fashioned hand method which can be fun, but very tedious. A few weeks ago, I picked up this little gem, The Cute Book, by Aranzi Aronzo and Anne Ishii, at my local Barnes & Noble store. All you need is a few pieces of felt and a needle & thread and you're off!

My first project was a little squirrel from felt! All the patterns are included in the book. After my first project, I think I might do things a little differently. First, I might increase the size of the pattern by enlarging by 20% when copying the pattern. Until I get the hang of it, it would help to work a tad bit larger.

Here are a couple of pics of my first (and so far only) attempt to sew one of these cute creatures. The Squirrel made me fall in love with the book, so I had to try it first, of course!

Here are two other books I've found on amazon that I am now longing for :

Doodle Stitching by Aimee Rae. I love embroidery! Even though I haven't been able to set the time aside to really get "into it", this stuff is GREAT! I'm really loving the idea of turning doodles into embroidered designs. I would love to have this book, but even without the book the cover is inspiring!

This little book, Softies: Simple Instructions for 25 Plush Pals by Therese Laskey , looks like a lot of fun! The projects seem to be a more complicated version of "The Cute Book" paired with a little bit of decorative embroidery for fun. I love the little tree on the cover! Check out this book on amazon.com and you'll find the "search inside" feature helpful—It shows a few other projects from the book.

I hope all this needle & thread talk has inspired you to greatness! Until next time...

NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month

As I was taking my usual tour through my favorite blogs this morning, I was happily surprised to see that Mel over as Melissahead Yabberings has been a busy little blogger! She's been infected by the NaBloPoMo group over at ning. As a glutton for something else to add to my daily "to do" list, I decided to sign up! Basically, you make it your goal to post every day in the month of November! This is a good time to try to get some solid design content into my blog and bulk up the writing skills. So, get out there and start blogging everyone!


Happy day-after-Halloween! I miss being a kid and the excitement of Halloween. This year, we had a party at work. I was surprised at how many people participated. Even if it was just to wear a mask and hang around. I dressed as Dead Riding Hood. I was pretty much the only person who tried to look scary! But, thats okay. My deathly makeup turned out well! Here is me with my coworker - she had on her son's werewolf costume! Which was awesome! :)

In the scary woods.

With a little photoshopping...it can be made into a B-movie Poster!