My First Camping Trip!

My first camping trip was a total success! I'm glad to say that I do like camping!

We arrived at FDR State Park after dark on Friday night. Our first challenge was to actually assemble the tent in the dark! It wasn't easy! Once we finally got our tent up and our sleep gear gathered, it was time to start our fire and make some traditional campfire food - hot dogs. I think it was nearly midnight by the time we got settled down to eat.

Before we went to bed, we checked out the "facilities". My worst fear of spider infested bathrooms was laid to rest when I saw how nice the restrooms and showers were. I mean, it's not home, but it was certainly cleaner and nicer than I had imagined.

The next morning we woke up a little later than we had hoped, simply because we didn't make it to bed until around 2am. We put the coffee on and after a few struggles with getting the coffee pot to perk over the fire, we finally got it going! The eggs and bacon went quickly after we got the hang of cooking on coals. Most people had the camp stoves, but we decided to do it the old fashioned way.

After breakfast we found the Mountain Creek Trail and started walking. It was a pretty nice little trail with some cool things to look at. I had found the nature guides online and printed out a copy so we could follow along with the trail markers. On the way back from the trail, we passed the little lake with some geese and ducks. We walked around a little more and explored the area.

That night we made a nice stew over the fire - it was excellent! I had already gotten all the ingredients chopped up and put into the cooler, so it went very fast. Our attempt to make s'mores wasn't as easy! It's hard to make a s'more without making a mess. We just sat around and enjoyed the fire after that...We didn't have much wood to keep it going, but we still managed to forage for enough to last a few hours.

All in all, I loved it! I think apartment living has really made me appreciate the idea of the outdoors even more. The whole weekend was like hanging out in the backyard or something, but much bigger. Maybe as we get more equipment, we can pick camp sites farther away from the main area and "rough it" a bit more.

Here are some more photos!
(above: panoramic view of the tree next to the campfire area)

Our Tent!

Patrick by the fire.

Nature presents complimentary colors on the nature trail.

A nicely lit shot of our coffee pot perking over the fire Saturday morning.

Duck drop. I just thought it was neat the way his body made a water drop shape.



Anonymous said...

The coffee pot picture came out amazing. I think that is the best picture, although they are all great.

Alexiev said...

Good images... One sees that they passed it well

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
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Anonymous said...

Love love love the moss shot... beautiful.