Hi, I get to draw Puppies for a living

Okay, not really, but no one seems to mind when I draw at work, so why not?! I found this little puppy on www.cuteoverload.com and decided a puppy would be fun to draw! Seriously, I never thought it would turn out so well!

Click on Angel, the puppy, to see all the details.

Here is the original image from which I drew! You can find Angel on her owner's flickr page!



Anonymous said...

So, you've finally decided to go with F as a middle initial now...?

Unknown said...

what a cute lovely doggy drawing!

g1toons said...

really nice sketch, love the strokes, nice work

Jeope said...

I can't get away with drawing at work, which is the suck. I'd much rather draw than work.

(Love that pup, Mary.)

Andrew said...

Love the use of shadow. Looks like pencil? Very nice.

Mary said...

It's actually drawn with a pilot razor fine point pen. It used to be a favorite when I was younger, but I've just "rediscovered" them.