2007 HOW Conference - ATL

HOWies at the Georgia Aquarium Party.
Back: (R-L) Nick (N2), Steph (Delineate), ME!
Middle:Prax (PlushCadillac), Elke (Geegirl), Karma (KSavage), Wendy
Front: Steve (SAW), Patti (Pad Thai), and RJ (LadyLuck)

The School of Hard Knocks - Armin Vit

Armin Vit, designer at Pentagram in NY and design blog guru, focused his session on what he calls the "unglamourous side" of graphic design. The first point made was that we should all realize that we aren't really that good. Of course, this was said in the best of humors, but all joking aside, I think this is a great attitude - an attitude that reflect the fact that no matter what, we always have something new to learn in this industry, and that we can always improve ourselves.

One of the things I enjoyed about Armin's presentation is how he demonstrated that we ALL have hits and misses - even if we work for a high profile firm like Pentagram. Armin presented 10 years worth of logo concepting and commented on the various stages and holdbacks in those phases of development. It was very funny and insightful to see what other designers go through to get to the right concept at the end. He also talked about the fact that most of the files on your computer are "trash" - stuff that never got used. However, sometimes you can go back to those ideas and recycle parts of them for new concepts.

You can read more about Armin's presentation and see some of these logos on Speak Up.
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Andrew said...

Love seeing photos of my fellow bloggers, especially with their friends.

Thanks for the comment on the last entry in my old blog. Feel free to visit http://nomnwo.blogspot.com

Hope you're having a great one!

PupSquadFoster said...

You should become obessed with the Georgia Aquarium and just talk about it nonstop and how it was the highlight of the trip. Keep doing it until people begin to question your sanity. it sounds like a good time to me.

Mrs. Maria said...

Hi Mary! I wanted to let you know that I just spent some time reading your blog... every single time I stop by, I'm hooked. You are such a talented creative designer and I admire your work and making it all fresh and new. Just wanted to let you know, I look up to you! :) Lovely blog!!!