HOWieZine 9 - Myths & Legends

HOWieZine 9, Myths & Legends was amazing! I am so glad I got to participate in this issue because I think that of the 7 I have been in, it is my favorite! We've got a full bunch this time and Patti did an excellent job with concepting and executing the packaging for this zine. The box was fantastic. Please check out and take a look at the entire package!

I have posted the pages I designed for this theme. I decided to highlight a local legend from my hometown area. A story about a ghost baby that I always heard growing up. I had a lot of fun making this one!

Click for a larger view.

Free Gift

Because of a glitch on COACH's Web site that caused all kinds of bank problems for Patrick, they sent a free accessory. I really thought it would be like a charm or a keychain or something.

But, no... It was this cute little wallet. Cute little $128 wallet. I love it! They did screw up pretty bad...but it's nothing than a $128 wallet can't forgive :)

COACH is the new first class

Being a low-maintenance kind of gal, I was VERY blown away by the awesomeness of my husband's recent surprise for me! A new, COACH handbag! He ordered one that he thought I would like with the stipulation that I could use it as "gift certificate" if I wanted to exchange it for something that "fit" me a little better!I love the color and love the fabric, now I just have to pick one out that has a wee bit longer strap! I think there may even by $$ left over for an accessory!

WOOHOO! Look at me, living it up on high-dollar COACH stuff :) The best part is that I get a cool surprise AND I get to shop for it. Because, I admit that shopping for stuff is part of the fun of it all :)

Patrick is so sweet. He knows how hard I've been working lately, and that I needed a new purse, so he thought he'd surprise me with this! How lucky am I?