Getting a Quote in HOW Magazine

I recently responded to Sarah Whitman, one of the editors of HOW Magazine, when she posted this question in the HOW Lounge section of the HOW forum.

"We're working on an issue focusing on the future of design. What do you think design will be like in 2025? Will *you* still be working as a designer then? What do you think young designers should do to prepare for the future? Thanks for your input!"

I responded:

"I can clearly see that design is a lot like fashion in that it cycles back around every 20 or so years.

I think that the future of design is going to be very technical and the more you can learn about video and web, the better off you'll be.

Of course, then again, my Barbie© Magazine from 1987 said that we'd all be flying around in hovercrafts by the year 2000!

I received an email from HOW on the 15th asking for permission to use my quote for their up-coming story about the future of design. Cool, huh?!



Melissa said...

That's so cool, Mary!!! I can't wait to see it!

Jeope said...

I said "fart". They didn't bite.

teahouse said...

Design is one of those things that I know less than NOTHING about.

So I'm quite in awe. I'm so proud of you..getting your quote published. You're a celebrity!!

patricia zapata said...

Very cool!! :)