2007 American Inhouse Design Awards

Toot! Toot!

Our office submitted 6 entries to the 2007 American Inhouse Design Awards sponsored by GDUSA magazine. Out of those entries we received 3 awards—2 of which were for my projects!
4,000 entries were received and only about 15% (~600) received recognition. That's a pretty challenging ratio, so it feels good knowing they aren't just handing out certificates.

This is the 3rd year in a row my design work been recognized by this design competition.

A brochure detailing the plans for a state of the art equine center that
will be located here on campus won an award for the brochures category.

These transit banners were part of a series of environmental graphics that
were located on campus and around town to promote the study abroad
program at the university.



Melissa said...

Holy cow, Mary!! That's wonderful! (And so well-deserved.) Go you!

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Anonymous said...

Yaaaay!! :) That's really quite awesome. Congratulations to you.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I like the horses's frowny face.