2007 American Inhouse Design Awards

Toot! Toot!

Our office submitted 6 entries to the 2007 American Inhouse Design Awards sponsored by GDUSA magazine. Out of those entries we received 3 awards—2 of which were for my projects!
4,000 entries were received and only about 15% (~600) received recognition. That's a pretty challenging ratio, so it feels good knowing they aren't just handing out certificates.

This is the 3rd year in a row my design work been recognized by this design competition.

A brochure detailing the plans for a state of the art equine center that
will be located here on campus won an award for the brochures category.

These transit banners were part of a series of environmental graphics that
were located on campus and around town to promote the study abroad
program at the university.

Getting a Quote in HOW Magazine

I recently responded to Sarah Whitman, one of the editors of HOW Magazine, when she posted this question in the HOW Lounge section of the HOW forum.

"We're working on an issue focusing on the future of design. What do you think design will be like in 2025? Will *you* still be working as a designer then? What do you think young designers should do to prepare for the future? Thanks for your input!"

I responded:

"I can clearly see that design is a lot like fashion in that it cycles back around every 20 or so years.

I think that the future of design is going to be very technical and the more you can learn about video and web, the better off you'll be.

Of course, then again, my Barbie© Magazine from 1987 said that we'd all be flying around in hovercrafts by the year 2000!

I received an email from HOW on the 15th asking for permission to use my quote for their up-coming story about the future of design. Cool, huh?!

Idiocracy - Extra Big Ass Futuristic Fun

Maybe the makers of Idiocracy kept their movie under the radar because they thought the world wouldn't quite be ready for it. I learned about Idiocracy from the design blog Speak Up brought to us by the good folks over at Under Consideration. I recommend you read Armin Vit's take on the movie (complete with screen shots) for a very articulate account of the movie. Written & Directed by Mike Judge, the basic premise is that the future is going to be full of really dumb people who are over-commercialized and libido driven.

Honestly, it's hard for me to put into words all my thoughts on Idiocracy because while I laughed at Mike Judge's keen observations of today's society and how that translates into the future I couldn't help but think of how close our society could actually be to such a future.

Some people might say we are already there. When I see things in the news like online sexual predators and teenagers giving their 2 & 4 year old nephews pot-smoking lessons, I begin to wonder how far-fetched Judge's future is.

Some of my favorite highlights were the scene that showed how Fuddruckers eventually morphed into Butt:Fuckers and how fast food was reduced to automated booths that announced their "EXTRA BIG ASS FRIES". The White House staff was pretty funny too - they all wore enormous "bling" of the official presidential seal.

As Speak Up pointed out, this movie really does address branding and design in the future. They even go so far as to say that the future will be so commercialized that we will be naming our children "Hormel", "Frito", or "Mountain Dew". You think Nascar racing cars have a lot of sponsors? Judge's future shows disposable clothing with various logos covering every inch. This movie will make you laugh and make you question how far away we are from this kind of idiotic future.