The World's Oldest Profession

Siren designs are loud for the bad girl in you! For a timely and little risqué twist on Valentines Day, I've finally added merchandise to my Siren Designs Cafe Press Shop. I only have a basic shop, so that makes it hard to have the variety that I would like to have. If I knew if these items would be popular, I might upgrade to a premium shop.

Introducing, The World's Oldest Profession T-shirt Series. Here are 3 of 5 planned designs. Please check back for "Harlot" and "Trollop" coming very soon! If you do want to purchase, but don't see the item you want with the design you want, let me know and I'll see what I can do!



teahouse said...

I love it!!! Especially the colors.

Nessa said...

I like them. I like the buttons, too.